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Empowering Architectural Visions

Architects, redefine your projects with Tews Construction Supply — your trusted ally for innovative building solutions. Explore limitless possibilities in construction collaboration!

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Revolutionizing Architecture with ICF

Tews Construction Supply, located in Trion, NC, invites architects to embark on a revolutionary journey in design with our cutting-edge Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). Transform traditional construction methods as ICF provides superior thermal performance, unmatched strength, and rapid assembly. Redefine the benchmarks of architectural excellence with a sustainable twist.

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Why Choose ICF for Architectural Innovation?

Architects opt for ICF in collaboration with Tews for a myriad of reasons. ICF stands as a resilient building solution, offering enhanced energy efficiency and durability. Our commitment to architectural integrity aligns seamlessly with the adaptability and strength ICF brings to your designs. Elevate your projects with a foundation built on innovation and sustainability.

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ICF Integration Expertise

Collaboration with Tews Construction Supply ensures architects not only have access to high-quality ICF but also benefit from our expertise in seamless integration. From conceptualization to execution, our team assists architects in harnessing the full potential of ICF, allowing for the creation of sustainable, energy-efficient structures.

Unlocking Architectural Creativity with ICF

Tews Construction Supply's ICF unlocks new realms of architectural creativity. The flexibility of ICF permits intricate detailing, curved walls, and complex architectural elements. Break free from conventional constraints and explore a world where your design aspirations come to life with the versatility that ICF brings to the table.

Ready to elevate your architectural designs with ICF?

Contact Tews Construction Supply today. Let’s collaborate to bring your visionary projects to life, setting new standards for architectural excellence with the power of Insulated Concrete Forms!