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Crafting a Legacy of Excellence

Discover the story behind Tews Construction Supply, located in Tryon, NC— your reliable partner in innovative and sustainable building solutions.

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Our Journey

Tews Construction Supply, with over three decades of industry expertise, has evolved into a beacon of excellence in construction. From humble beginnings, our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation has driven us to become a trusted name in supplying Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF).

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Building the Future

Our mission extends beyond supplying construction materials. We are architects of a sustainable future, empowering builders, architects, and developers with cutting-edge ICF solutions. Join us in reshaping the construction landscape, one project at a time, and be part of a legacy built on quality, innovation, and enduring partnerships. Experience the Tews journey where every project is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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With over 30 years of experience in the construction and contracting industry, Tews Contracting has evolved into a builder of extraordinary projects.

Through years of study and trial, we have developed a building philosophy that strikes a balance between building a top quality product, short term building costs and long term operating costs that respects our natural resources and the local and global environment.

We bring a deep understanding of the vast array of traditional to contemporary technically advanced and evermore important ‘green’ products and energy systems such as:

  • super insulation
  • solar electric and heating
  • geo-thermal heating and cooling
  • energy recapture technologies

With ever increasing energy costs, a full understanding of the value of building with long-term conservation and efficiency is at the core of our building philosophy. This of course is integrated without sacrifice to beauty, ease of use and functionality and most importantly our clients’ desires.



Dirk's passion for building was natural and developed from the earliest years. There was never a time when building something was not part of his life and it was from his father he learned his skills to become certified as a carpenter. He also learned the most important fundamentals of the building business from his father who fostered the understanding of nurturing the needs of his customers with highest quality commitments to both the actual building elements and relationships he built and maintained with his customers.

Dirk has a keen interest in alternate building and energy systems such as green systems, living roofs, active and passive solar systems and converting bio-mass composting into heat and fuel and accelerated high quality soil fertilizers. Employing these building proto type systems for practical use around the farm, green house and plants and for his clients.

Dirk has an eclectic array of interests and hobbies, sports including soccer, mountain biking, and this year playing polo. He also spends time farming growing fruits for the small-scale experimental production of beers and fruit wines.

Dirk shares his time away from construction with his wife and partner Tracey Evans at their horse farm, Dreamwinds Stables where Tracey runs a very unique multiple award winning E.A.L. Business. Using horses in teaching, corporations, teams and many other groups with a dynamic hands-on approach to leadership training and teambuilding fundamentals like no other. See more at www.dreamwinds.ca

A great lover of philosophy and the study of human nature compliments his love of building in creating beautiful buildings and projects and experiences.

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